DUI Programs,  Drug Diversion - PC1000, Anger Management, and Urinalysis

DUI Treatment Program

A.K. Bean Foundation offers probation and court approved classes for DUI offenders. Our state licensed programs are taught by certified counselors.

Our DUI classes include:
  • Wet & Reckless – Six two-hour education classes
  • First Offender 3 Months – Six two-hour education classes, nine two-hour group counseling, and three individual 15-minute monitoring sessions
  • First Offender 6 Months – Six two-hour education classes, 16 two-hour group counseling, and four individual 15-minute monitoring sessions
  • First Offender 9 Months – Six two-hour education classes, 24 two-hour group counseling and six individual 15-minute monitoring sessions
  • Second Offender 18 Months – Six two-hour education classes, 26 two-hour group counseling and 26 individual 15-minute monitoring sessions as well as six one-hour sessions a month for the last six months.

Counseling and Treatment